Deep down, we all wonder:
How far can I go?

Spearheading an endurance challenge to see how far a brand can go.



From the onset, we knew the way to win was by changing how the race is run. The North Face was looking to grow beyond their traditional roots in outdoor adventure. With a planned push towards entering the running category, we knew we faced an uphill climb. Competing against industry giants like Nike and Adidas and their massive budgets required a smarter game plan. Rather than out spend, we created a custom social and experiential property that the brand could own – The North Face Endurance Challenge. We needed to connect with trail runners in local markets in a highly emotive and customizable way. To capture this unique group of athletes. We selected key markets across the U.S. and Canada and built a proprietary racing series from the bottom up. Nothing was left to chance including local market digital pushes that lead a swell of enthusiasts to The North Face retail stores traffic.  By creating an exhilarating endurance challenge, and in turn, a fiercely loyal fan following, we empowered our target consumer to leave their comfort zones and push past their limits and in turn, they were very eager to share their accomplishments on our social platforms.  As a result, the meaningful and authentic brand experiences we created for The North Face have amplified consumer loyalty and advocacy and solidified an enduring leadership position in the trail running category.

Never Stop Exploring

“The North Face Endurance Challenge Series quickly became one of the most popular trail running event series across the country”

— TNF Website Press