Human Capabilities


Understand your target humans.

Empathy and Culture

Human beings are unique… complex, dynamic, special. We believe that connecting with human beings, touching human emotions, motivating human behavior requires human connectivity—not a marketing formula. And we believe great brands can—and should—human too.

To keep people front and center of everything we do, we need to understand them. Who they are, what they need, how they behave and why. Current brain and decision science, studies in behavior economics, including insights from thought leaders like Daniel Kahneman, show that human decisions are emotionally driven and rationally justified. Decisions are impacted by conscious and unconscious factors. In other words, people don’t behave as rationally as you might expect.

In our Let’s Human strategic approach, we use empathy research tools like empathy interviews and ethnographic research to create deep understanding of audiences. Digging deep and asking the right questions helps lead us to different answers. And increasingly what’s going on with culture trends make a huge impact.



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