Human Capabilities

CRM 3.0

Maximize human connections by reaching more of the people you want with precision and optimization.

Programmatic and DCO

One of the ways we live the promise of Let’s Human is to use Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology, data and logic to create personalized ads based on what we know about the viewer when the ad is served. This allows us to be more relevant, contextual and personalized so that we are creating more human connections across the customer experience. Dynamic creative from a DCO engine can be more effective than static creative because it is both more relevant and it’s tested and optimized.

We use DCO creative for prospecting, customer acquisition and remarketing/retargeting. For prospecting and customer acquisition, dynamic ads can use targeting variables of location, behavior, device, demographics, and context, and for B2B, we can target based on company, role, title and other profile variables using AI tools available from our media partners. Dynamic content is ideal for retargeting with hyper relevant creative based website browsing, such as products viewed or added to a shopping cart.

We build learning plans for DCO campaigns that include univariate or multivariate testing and sophisticated tracking against goals. Our creative is optimized using response and conversion KPIs instead of simple engagement metrics like ad clicks.



CRM 3.0