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Define your brand’s purpose and map its strategic relationships.

Brand Strategy and Architecture

In today’s world of consolidations, acquisitions, customer feedback and razor-thin margins, it’s so important to have a sound strategy for what a brand stands for and how it interacts with other brands in a portfolio. But we believe that what’s even more important than sound brand strategy and architecture is a foundational approach that considers the fundamental needs and desires of the consumer first.

Building brand strategies that are engaging and enduring requires a strong and intentional understanding to what motivates customers and connects them to the brand. We start our strategic brand processes by first gaining a deep understanding of the consumer, delving into what makes them tick in relation to the brand and beyond. We then turn our focus to the company and its culture. Interviews with key constituents of the organization and reason mapping allow us to get smart about a company from the inside out, ensuring that we fully understand its past and current motivations to set the stage for its future. Lastly, we survey the category and culture to understand the contextual backdrop of what has or could impact a brand.

By keeping the customer’s needs as our central focus as we add layers of brand context, we are able to clearly identify connections and opportunities. These strategies translate into communication approaches, process shifts, organizational evolutions, and brand points-of-view that strengthen consumer connections and chart a path for current and future brand success.



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