Human Capabilities


Making relevant business connections.

Intermediary (Partner) Marketing

People don’t buy your products. They buy your solutions. Understanding that, as well as how, where and why purchases happen is key to creating an effortless customer journey. But understanding your partners is just as important because the quality of those relationships can determine if purchases even happen at all.

Whether you call them distributors, retailers, franchisees or solution providers, investing human energy into your channel partners makes them more likely to become an advocate for you. That means going beyond channel platforms and incentives with a solid strategy to engage and retain your best partners by aligning mutual interests, creating two-way communication about your industry and providing robust training that makes them think of your product as THEIR product.

At Publicis Hawkeye, technology and data are only the start of a solid partner marketing strategy. We’ll show you how much more there is to winning over the hearts and minds of your partners. Together, let’s go beyond the platform and make connections that count. Let’s HumanTM



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