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Effective B2B marketing requires integrated communications.

B2B Integrated Communications

In today’s cluttered communications landscape, no single tactic or channel is going to work on its own. What’s needed is an integrated strategy and approach to B2B lead generation, lead nurturing and lead conversion that leverages the power of context, channels and tactics.

On average, a B2B customer will use six different interaction channels throughout the decision journey. So it’s not about any one channel, tactic or tool; it’s about understanding where to meet them and establishing a marketing strategy that leverages the best and most relevant available options, then using them to work together.

There is a tendency for marketers to become too focused on the channels, and not focused enough on creating the right integrated strategy for customer needs and those channels. The effectiveness of your campaigns, including social media, email, search, marketing automation, content, videos, blog, webinars, display ads, retargeting, print etc. all hinge on having the relevant connections. Ultimately, no matter how powerful any one channel may be, inbound and outbound efforts should work together to effectively attract and engage your target audience.

Speaking of integrated communications, we have the tools and expertise to develop and manage account-based marketing (ABM) for reaching specific targets and audiences to achieve sales goals. It’s an emerging hyper-focused communication strategy for targeting specific contacts at specific companies with a specific message.

So whatever your business needs are for engaging decision makers, we will develop a communications strategy that works to meet them where they are in relevant channels to move them along the buying journey.



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