Finding the heritage inside you

Rediscovering the gold within.



We created an authentic brand experience through a campaign targeted at acculturated Hispanic beer drinkers—a passionate group that was removed from, yet fiercely proud of, their latent Mexican heritage. We used Bohemia’s storied history to appeal to the legacy residing inside them and sounded the call for them to reconnect with their Mexican culture. “Rediscover the Gold Within” became more than just a campaign. It became a rallying cry. Our integrated team of strategy, creative and experiential experts concepted and planned a Southwest sampling tour to reach our target audience at key moments of receptivity via a spirited, sensory experience where they could taste the premium beer in vibrant settings. To help amplify and drive people to Bohemia events, we launched digital campaigns in major cities around Texas and California. We ushered in Bohemia’s North American website, giving fans a central hub for product info and a beer finder to locate nearby retailers. While at events, fans shared their love of Bohemia using branded, geo-targeted Snapchat filters. The launch of @BohemiaBeerUSA on Instagram created an always-on dialogue with Bohemia fans and established an organic community of brand enthusiasts so the voice of Bohemia can live on for a new generation to discover.

Have Gold. Will Travel.

“Working with the PUBLICIS team has been absolutely incredible! Their dynamic team with creative drive and expertise has been instrumental in driving outsized growth on our brand.”

— Melinda Herrera, Brand Manager, Bohemia