Katie Cantu


Mike Todd

Director, HR

Melinda Gladitsch

Managing Director


What shapes our work is more than just what we learned in school. It’s our backgrounds and experiences, our hobbies and our families. They’re as important to us as they are influential in what we do.

Alex Pierce

Sr. Interactive Art Director

Sarah Holmes

Sr. Art Director

Derek Rundgren

Associate Creative Director

Jeremy McClellan

Art Director

Mary Rose Cook

Director, Production Services

Matt Partrick

CRM & Data Strategist

Always curious to understand how things work and what makes people tick.

- Melinda Gladitsch

Amanda Dempsey

Managing Director, Experiential

Jeff Huser

Creative Director

Olivia von Plonski

Manager, Business Development

Jeff Tidwell

Sr. Interactive Developer

Steve Dapper

Chairman, CEO & Hawkeye Founder

Justin Wright

VP, Creative Director

Rob Menditto

Client Partner

Santiago Bourges Waldegg

VP, Digital Creative Director

Driven by the idea of being a porch light in a world of moths.

- Gary Hawthorne

Wes Wright

Managing Director, Digital

Gary Hawthorne

Group Creative Director

Tim Wellence

Managing Director, Buffalo

Garrett Greene

Operations Director, Experiential

Rick Rogers

EVP, Chief Marketing Officer

Steve Stevenson

Creative Director

Susan Scott


Valerie Jones

Account Supervisor

I make a strong effort to give people what they’ve asked for—along with elements of surprise.

- Jeremy McClellan

John Tedstrom

Managing Director, Insight & Strategy

Megan Talbott

SVP, Insight & Strategy Director

Eric Moncaleano

SVP, Executive Creative Director

Brad Melear

Business Development Manager, Experiential

Jennifer Bell

Group Creative Director

Carly Mathews

Experience Architect, Experiential

Allan Manaysay

VP, Creative Director

Bryan Allen

Director, Technology

On a never-ending mission to tell better and better stories.

- Derek Rundgren

Greg Osenga

Managing Director, CRM, Loyalty & Analytics

Brittany Barefoot-Mcginnis

Group Creative Director

Scott Grissinger

Director, Analytics

Mark Henderson

Manager, Digital Analytics

Whitney Eckert

Account Director, Experiential

Lisa Zakarin

Managing Director, Health & Wellness

Deb Geiger

Group Account Director

Scott Hutchison

Creative Director

I look at the world and ask, ‘Why?’ When I don’t get an answer I like, I go about changing it.

- Eric Moncaleano

Richard Goldrosen

Director, Creative Services, Buffalo

Jeff Ball

Client Coordinator, Experiential

Kelly Todd

Strategy Director

Albert Cano

Creative Director

Antoinette Dauber

EVP, Buffalo

Andrea Bass

Group Account Director

Brian McIntyre

Chief Operating Officer

Deb Bergin

Group Account Director

On a lifelong pursuit of curiosity and empathy.

- Kelly Todd
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