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Date Posted Thursday, September 7, 2017 @ 9:28 am

Creating Addicting Health-Related Content

Lisa Zakarin, Managing Director, Health & Wellness

Given the state of the world today, I believe there is nothing wrong with having a healthy addiction that aligns to my professional and personal interests. I admit it. I am a popaholic. And millions of you know what I mean.

Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) has almost three million subscribers to her channel on YouTube. And it is not unusual for one of her videos to rack up eight million views. She (or more likely her team) are pros at giving their audience what they want. Dr. Sandra Lee reminds us what makes great content:

  • Develop different content for different social media outlets – or at least develop versions that leverage each outlet best.
  • Make it educational – while I have spent many years in the derm and skin world, I did not know about a pore of Winer. And my life is better now that I know.
  • Make it interactive – quizzes, questions, votes, answers, etc.
  • Well branded, but not annoying – Dr. Lee has evolved her business to take advantage of her brand, developing an at-home acne tool kit. Her level of promotion and distraction strikes just the right balance.
  • Keep on learning and evolving – Dr. Lee’s earliest videos look like my usual not-great attempts at video, but her current stuff is Oscar worthy. And now her content focuses more on what she knows her audience likes.

It’s hard to match Dr. Lee’s results when your brand is part of a corporation, but knowing your audience, using media differently, expanding your brand based on your experience and refining applications based on learning are great tenets for any health-related effort.

Lisa Zakarin

Managing Director, Health & Wellness
Lisa is a health industry expert who lives by a noble purpose: to do well by doing good.

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