To better communicate with customers, put yourself in their shoes.

Tim Wellence Managing Director, Buffalo

Financial Communications

Enhancing the way banks talk to customers

Founded more than 20 years ago as Mosaic Marketing, our Buffalo office pioneered the specialty of communicating with financial service customers during times of change. We earned our reputation by providing communications for most of the landmark mergers that transformed the face of American banking.

Today, we continue to help our clients. Working with some of the largest banks in the country, as well as regional and community banks and brokerage firms, we build long-lasting connections with customers, not just when they are especially vulnerable but day in and day out. We apply the lessons learned in the high-stakes world of merger communications to acquire, retain and develop long-term relationships.


Collaborating over work

What We Do In Financial Communications

Change communications
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Systems conversions
  • New online platforms
  • Regulatory changes
  • New product launches
  • Branch consolidations
Business building communications
  • Simplification of everyday customer correspondence
  • Print and digital campaigns
  • Customer onboarding programs
  • Activation and utilization programs
  • Cross-sell communications


It’s a chance to deepen a relationship, advance your brand and show customers you care about them.

In times of change, we draw on our expertise in strategy, data and creative to deliver the right message to the right people in the most efficient and effective way possible. To reassure your customers and avoid confusion, we speak in a clear, unified voice that matches the vision of your company and simplifies the message.

We have shown many of our clients how to upgrade the customer experience by applying the same principles of clear and simple communications every time the bank addresses a customer. Our team has rewritten thousands of the letters and emails that banks send out every day—overdraft notices, credit decisions and routine, computer-generated mail that all too often result in confused and alienated customers. While speaking in the bank’s voice, we replace complicated jargon with plain English and show customers that you respect their time and value their relationship.

With that same simple, clear approach to communications, we apply our creative and data expertise to direct marketing. From targeted acquisition programs to onboarding new customers to cross-selling additional accounts and services, our customer-centric approach breathes life into old marketing programs and delivers measurable results that exceed expectations.


Impact in Practice

Over the years, everything we’ve done has been in the name of improving the customer experience.


How We Do It

We know what keeps you up at night. And we understand what makes your customers tick and what they value most. So with our broad data and communications expertise, we can take the stress out of your communication challenges, delivering flawless project management and execution. And we can craft communications that customize your messaging to customers in a way that deepens the relationship and enhances the customer experience.

Who Makes It Happen

Our people are professional communicators, passionate about financial services. They include strategic thinkers, writers, designers, project leaders, data experts, production specialists, even former bankers, all of whom bring their collective experiences to the table to help you preserve and grow your customer relationships.

Tim Wellence Managing Director, Buffalo
Melinda Gladitsch Managing Director
Antoinette Dauber EVP, Buffalo
Richard Goldrosen Director, Creative Services, Buffalo

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