Enabling digital ecosystems accelerates how we transform behavior.

Wes Wright Managing Director, Digital

Digital Technology

Form lasting connections without confusion

Technology is the delivery system and amplifier of our ideas. It unshackles our thinking and allows us to reach consumers in a multidimensional way, where they live, work or play.

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What We Do In Digital Technology

  • Digital strategy and road mapping
  • Customer experience mapping
  • User experience
  • Information architecture
  • Enterprise website design and development
  • Creative design
  • Content management
  • E-commerce
  • Responsive design
  • Adaptive design
  • Mobile apps
  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Video
  • Digital advertising


We offer full-service capabilities in-house, with access to additional resources throughout the Publicis North America network. Our digital skill set is all-encompassing, extending across devices and platforms.

Beginning with strategy and user experience mapping, we align business and user goals for digital experiences that are usable, useful and desirable. By working quickly and efficiently, we are able to streamline the process for launching, optimizing and maintaining full-scale, responsive design websites and online portals. Website redesigns represent many assignments we have done for clients. We span the digital ecosystem from email, microsites and enterprise websites to content management, e-commerce, data integration, hosting and maintenance.

We extend brand sites to social media and mobile experiences, always applying mobile-first design and interaction principles to all projects. To drive website traffic, we turn to display advertising, search and email. As part of our CRM expertise, we have deep experience in using email to drive consumers through the consideration funnel with landing pages, pURL pages and campaign microsites.

Additionally, we help our clients enhance their user experience through gamification, video and content development. Our team of writers and content management professionals will partner with you to develop content.


Impact in Practice

Digital experiences that outperformed all expectations.


How We Do It

We begin our relationship by understanding your business needs. Next we determine the best solution to meet your specific objectives, as well as big, forward-thinking ideas for the future. 

Our digital engagements follow strategic and creative development processes. Both are intrinsically interwoven, with team members from both disciplines involved from the outset. Key creative elements in the website design process, such as modern web architecture, are interwoven with innovative digital technology to ensure the ultimate user experience. This generates insights and uses real-time behavioral data to continuously inform strategies in an iterative way. Establishing tracking metrics, correlation keys and trend markers are all part of our approach.

Our technology team is well-versed in tagging and structuring our information architecture/taxonomy to allow the data tracking to lead the user and tell the ROI story. Where feasible, we deploy multivariant testing in the form of formats, headlines, photography, RTBs, CTAs and day parts to make your digital presence work even harder.

Who Makes It Happen

We have attracted some of the industry’s best marketers, digital specialists and user experience experts, who work to simplify the complicated digital and multichannel challenges of leading companies.

Our teams are cross-disciplinary. Strategists, UX, creative, and front-end and back-end developers tackle your problem simultaneously, iterating and improving along the way. Their diverse perspectives are essential to a smart product.

Wes Wright Managing Director, Digital
Mark Henderson Manager, Digital Analytics
Bryan Allen Director, Technology

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