CRM is the choreography of touch points surrounding audiences.

Greg Osenga Managing Director, CRM, Loyalty & Analytics


Make your customers better customers

As the customer relationship management center of excellence for the Publicis North America network, we create more than 1 billion CRM interactions annually. Through tailored communications and our Vision_VelocitySM model, we help clients better manage their customer experience. This repeatable, sustainable method allows for rapid performance optimization and, ultimately, maximum impact on their brand relationship.

Customer Path Diagram

What We Do In CRM

Tools and techniques
  • Exploratory data analysis, mining and segmentation
  • Profiling, clustering and predictive data modeling
  • Psychographic segmentation and persona development
  • Search, social and website behavior analysis (listening)
  • Ethnographic research and customer journey mapping
  • Panels, focus groups and consumer intercepts
  • Design of experiment methodology
  • Fully integrated and cadenced multitouch CRM solutions and loyalty programs including email marketing, direct mail, dimensional, direct response, banner advertising, landing page environments and retargeting strategies
  • Customer relationship management solutions that live in a continually optimizing test-and-learn framework driven by design of experiment methodology
  • Optimized relationships with your prospects and customers


Who are they? What do they do? What motivates them? Through a unique marriage between data scientists and brand planners, we learn more about your customers and their lives. We call this combination of in-depth behavioral research and data-driven insights Personified DataSM.

Using Personified Data, we aim to alter customer behavior and drive key business efforts through a proprietary system we call NudgesSM.

By combining Personified Data with behavioral Nudges, we launch a test-and-learn framework that is continually optimized throughout the year. This approach allows us to create long-lasting relationships and loyalty programs for some of the largest marketers in the world and to generate repeatable winners.

Impact in Practice

Continually testing continues to lead to better results for these clients.


How We Do It

We start with insight. Insight about your business, your marketplace and where white space opportunities lie. Our marketing statisticians and data scientists build on this insight using advanced methodologies to identify behavior patterns and trends within a customer base and to define customer segments. Armed with behavior-based segments, we identify opportunities where behavior can be modified for better brand outcomes.

By focusing on behavioral changes, we focus our priorities on key business-driving efforts. This allows us to develop a customer journey map that plots the end-to-end experience and creates a springboard for creative ideation. We then combine deep customer insight with the customer decision-making process to generate behavior-changing strategies and learning plans, delivered in context, across multiple channels.

These strategies undergo pilots to test the hypothesized behavior-changing marketing strategies and tactics. We launch these pilots in a rigorous design of experiment framework so we can rapidly measure incremental performance. This mitigates risk and allows for continuous improvement. Put simply, you stop doing what isn’t working, keep doing what is working and improve what is marginally performing.


Who Makes It Happen

Our agency was born from direct marketing and has evolved with today’s media in our CRM solutions. Test-and-learn, data analytics and optimization is in our DNA; it is our muscle memory; it is core to how we think and do. Our team members are logical and linear thinkers who think in terms of interconnections, interdependence and matrices. They come from various backgrounds and have specific expertise in loyalty programs, direct response, email marketing, experiment methodology, industries and optimization, but they are driven by curiosity and measured cause and effect.

Greg Osenga Managing Director, CRM, Loyalty & Analytics
Scott Grissinger Director, Analytics
Mark Henderson Manager, Digital Analytics

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