Prescriptive analytics tells the story of what’s next.

Greg Osenga Managing Director, CRM, Loyalty & Analytics


Translate data into opportunities

As a marketer, you don’t need reports, charts and endless numbers. You need a story. The story of your marketing activities. What’s working, what isn’t and, most importantly, what can you do to make it better? Our unique, data-rich narratives allow you to put analytics back in context with your most important objectives and help inform your next moves.

Analytics Session

What We Do In Analytics

  • Exploratory data analytics
  • Transactional data mining
  • Data modeling
  • Predictive modeling
  • Behavior-based segmentation
  • Look-alike models
  • Customer purchase cycle analysis
  • Behavioral profiling
  • Device behavior
  • Clustering, segmentation and targeting
  • Design of experiment methodology
  • Financial simulations/sensitivity analysis
  • Performance analytics and optimization


Changing behavior is a function of motivation and ease. We depend on prescriptive analytics to develop a three-dimensional vision of your marketing past and future. Analytics 1.0 is descriptive: it describes what’s happening. Analytics 2.0 is predictive: it identifies attributes that can predict potential outcomes. Analytics 3.0 is prescriptive: it suggests new options and informs you on what to do next.

Using this holistic approach to understand what your customer is doing, who they are and what their motivations are, we make predictions about how to change behavior in a favorable way. This deep understanding of customers and prospects is combined with NudgesSM, our proprietary system for behavioral change. Nudges are future pathways that can be tested for successful results.


Impact in Practice

Through data and analytics, we uncovered new potential for big brands.


How We Do It

While data and analytics are critical to the marketer, they are only powerful when told as a narrative that is understandable and relatable to both your customers and your business. We build our understanding of customers at the intersection of “who” and “what.” Who are they and what do they do? This data-modeling approach provides us with personified data that we can use to bring your data story to life. Data storytelling weaves magic through math.

We use these interwoven pieces to create decision pathways. These opportunity points are launched in a rigorous design of experiment framework to mitigate your risk. As a result, you keep doing what is working, you stop doing what isn’t working and you improve what is marginally performing. Launching in this framework also allows you to continually take in new data and to re-predict and re-prescribe better decision options.

Who Makes It Happen

Creating meaning through predictive modeling and data interpretation is a unique and challenging process that can be carried out only by equally unique individuals. We are fueled by people who can identify the arc of a story and translate data points into narratives.

At work, we are researchers and detectives, always searching for the deeper meaning. At home, we actively pursue personal interests that shape who we are and how we relate to our core disciplines.

Greg Osenga Managing Director, CRM, Loyalty & Analytics
Scott Grissinger Director, Analytics
Mark Henderson Manager, Digital Analytics

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